Can Solar Panels Be Damaged By Rain?

Can Solar Panels Be Damaged By Rain?

The rainy season is here and a lot of solar users tend to worry about its effectiveness and the risk attached using solar energy.

Can the rain affect my system?

Can lightning or thunder strikes damage my system?

Would I still get power while it’s raining?

Can Solar Panels Be Damaged By Rain?

These and more are questions asked by concerned solar users.

First of all, solar panels are water proof and cannot be damaged by moisture; rather the rain helps wash away dirt and debris from the panels.

Secondly, it’s very possible for lightning/thunder strikes to affect your solar system but this can averted when you contact Basscomm Energy for your Solar System, wondering how? While designing, we introduce earthing and also the use of surge arrester, which helps to reduce the risk of damaging your system.

Thirdly, At BASSCOMM ENERGY we put the absence of electric power, generator and even sunlight into consideration while designing the system. We get to add 3-4 days autonomy, which helps the system to run effectively even when there is a down pour or when there is power outage. So Yes, solar can function effectively even in the rain.

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