MEP – Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

MEP – Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems are an important part of building services and can have many different functions.

Typically designed by specialised consultants and contractors, MEP systems can present complex challenges in terms of coordination and detailing. They must satisfy multiple objectives and criteria for design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance.

ELVS – Extra Low Voltage Systems

ELVS – Extra Low Voltage Systems

Extra-Low Voltage means the voltage of electricity supply is in a range that is low enough that it does not carry any high risk of any high voltage electrical shock(s).

The range of voltage that can be classified as Extra-Low Voltage is alternating current not exceeding 50 V AC and direct current not exceeding 120 V DC (ripple free). This is based on the standards as per EN 61558 or BS 7671.

Therefore, Extra-Low Voltage Systems are any electrical systems that can operate on a low voltage with the voltage criteria

Components of ELV Systems
-Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)
-Access Control System – ACS
-Public Address and General Alarm System – PAGA
-Trunk Radio System – TRS
-Fence Intrusion Detection System – FIDS
-Master Clock System – MCS, etc



For many businesses, the process of installing and using rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels as a source of renewable energy can be complex and expensive. A number of factors, including the size of their premises and the cost of standard PV panels, lead many companies to believe they cannot afford to install enough solar panels to adequately power their buildings.

Solar Energy As a Service (or SEAAS) is a business model that aims to alleviate these worries by changing the way commercial and industrial solar consumers pay for solar.

As one of our thriving  business model BASSCOMM  supply, install and maintain solar energy services  and appliances including, solar panels, inverters and batteries,  across commercial, industrial and residential facilities.



Many organizations and individuals have invested a lot in procuring access control and surveillance for their facilities, however, all these could come to naught if there is no security for the data gathered from these installed devices.

Having a DVR/NVR is not enough as a culprit who is aware of the existence of a storage device could destroy the devices so as to erase evidence. Disasters like fire, flood could also destroy these devices and make the efforts of installing the device fruitless

A solution to take care of these concerns is having a cloud storage back up for the storage of data from these devices.

Clouds are backed up to multiple servers that we do not have to worry about losing valuable information kept and stored. If one server crashes, your data will still be safely stored in multiple other locations.

This significantly reduces the risk of data loss. Hardware failure and technical glitches are completely unpredictable, and there’s no reason to leave you vulnerable to them when there’s cloud storage available.




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