Education is the cornerstone of human progress and development. It has the power to transform lives and open doors to endless opportunities. However, financial challenges like the burden of tuition fees, living expenses, and buying other academic materials can be overwhelming for many students, leading to some abandoning their dreams. Thankfully, scholarships provide a glimmer of hope for aspiring students, offering not just financial aid but also the chance to realize their true potential.

Recently, BASSCOMM Nigeria Limited, In celebration of her 30th anniversary themed “Memories and Milestones” has decided to give back to society most especially to students in their secondary schools level who in one way or another has financial challenges to further their education, in other for them to push beyond their limit and to motivate them to be confident and excel academically.

Furthermore, to foster a culture of academic excellence among students, BASSCOMM Nigeria Limited has selected students from Majidun Grammar School, Ikorodu, and Lagos Progressive Senior Secondary School, Surulere, Lagos. A series of processes were followed to choose the recipient of the Scholarship Program. An aptitude test was conducted to check their performance academically and at the last stage, Two Students were selected from Majidun Grammar School namely, Aduba Emmanuel, and Oluwole Emmanuel, and Three students were selected from Lagos Progressive Senior Secondary School Surulere namely Inoham Victory, Etigbeye Daniel, and Sanusi Mistura.  


The selected students were given a cheque with the sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira (#100,000) as a means of supporting the pursuit of their academic goals. This support is stated to cover the students’ essential needs in school such as books, uniforms and the like.

In conclusion, to all recipients, we congratulate them and encourage them to keep striving for excellence and make a good impact in life, and other students were encouraged not to relent as this is an ongoing program to be done yearly.