Adopting solar electricity is limited mostly by the initial cost of buying and installing the system. These expenses cover installation services, batteries, inverters, and solar panels. This first investment may be too costly for a lot of Nigerians.

BASSCOMM Nigeria as a leading supplier and installer of solar solutions, launched an installment payment option to ease financial burdens and increase accessibility to solar electricity. Installing solar energy in your house or place of business is now simpler than ever, with a 30% down payment you can get a solar package for your facility and pay the rest later.

How the payment scheme works:

  • Flexible Payment Options: The plan makes it more reasonable for customers by allowing them to stretch out the cost of the solar system over a number of months to a year.
  • Low Initial Deposit: Making the switch to solar electricity easier, you can start with a low initial deposit while you own the system and pay gradually.
  • Fixed Monthly Payments: After your initial deposit you will be placed on a monthly payment just like a subscription base. You are better able to manage your finances when you have predictable monthly payments.
  • No Hidden Fees: You are guaranteed to know precisely what you are paying for when pricing is transparent and free of hidden charges.


The process involves a free assessment of your energy needs by BASSCOMM and a consultation to help you choose the best solar system for your house or place of business. Then an installment payment plan is created based on the assessment results to fit your budget. Once the plan is approved, part payment will be made, the solar system will be installed at your location by our team of experts, Customers make regular payments according to the schedule agreed upon until the entire cost is paid off.

A consistent power supply makes it possible for small enterprises to run more profitably and productively, increasing production. Our solar system installment payment plan is revolutionary for people and companies who want to use solar systems.

In addition to easing Nigeria's power problems, we are promoting sustainable and economic growth by removing costs. Consider our solar solutions and flexible payment plans if you want to save on your electricity expenses.

Visit for more information, call 09037756555 for a personal consultation. Invest in solar systems now to benefit from a more sustainable power option!


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