Five Amazing Facts About Solar Energy

Anyone with a little knowledge about electricity, power generation and particularly renewable energy knows about Solar panels. However, very few people know so much about solar panels beyond the fact that they somehow help us extract energy from the sun and help us produce electricity.

Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you get acquainted with 5 surprising and rarely-known facts about solar that could help you understand why we are so keen on it. Let the countdown begin!

  1. Solar Panels are the Most Abundant Energy Source In the World:  Of course, unlike other energy sources, solar is available in basically every part of the world; all we need is some sunshine and voila! We have solar energy. That being said, we have to admit that this fact is quite a simple one. To be candid, common sense will help you realize this is true once you give it a thought, and if you have read one of our previous articles on why we as a business picked solar energy as our choice, you would have seen that we hinted at this fact. 
  2. Solar Panels Don’t Need Direct Sunlight: We bet this fact right here would leave you mind-blown. While solar panels do need sunlight to produce electricity, the sun doesn’t need to directly beam on the panels for them to generate electricity. All it needs are the hues from the sun; meaning that even on cloudy sunny days, your solar panel can still generate power for you. This is amazing and exciting at the same time. Do you see why we love solar?
  3. Solar Energy was First Used Before the Birth of Christ: Hold on, we know you are probably debating how true this is. In fact, you maybe think we are making this up, or you are trying to check with Google if we are being factual or not. Well, this fact is as true as it gets. Although the first solar panels were not developed until the 20th century,   humans had been harnessing the power of the sun since a very long time ago before the birth of Christ. Beyond the use of sunlight to dry things and even preserve food, man learnt to use sunlight with the aid of magnifying glasses to start fires for various activities including festivals, and cooking, amongst other things. Thus we are forced to ask; if early humans knew how important solar was, and already utilized it, what is stopping you from contacting Basscomm and joining the solar train today?
  4. The First Commercial Solar Panels Were Manufactured In 1954: This fact is definitely more believable on the surface compared to the last. Even though solar power had been harnessed a very long time ago, the development of commercially viable solar panels which could actually convert the light from the sun into electricity took place in 1954. These solar panels were developed by Bell Laboratories, and solar panels have come a long way since then in terms of efficiency, cheapness and usage.
  5. Solar Panels Last Beyond Two Decades: Generally speaking, solar panels last for over 25 to 30 years after installation. That is basically like saying 30 years of non-stop energy! That is as amazing as it gets especially considering how solar panels need virtually no maintenance to keep working. It is worth noting that the 20 – 30 years being referred to here is the functioning of the panels at full capacity. This means that even after the stated number of years, your panels will still keep working – not just at full capacity.

The amazing facts above amongst many others are the reasons why we rest assured that Solar energy is your best bet moving forward, and at Basscomm, we are here to help you join the solar train today. Click the link here to get started.

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