Comfort is Just One Click Away!!!

  Control over home appliances, and more generally, control over a home or any other building remotely, has the potential to ease most peoples’ hectic lives while saving cost. Instead of having to employ a gate man whose job is to open and close gates, the alternative would be to automate your gate and connect…

Extinguish fire in 10 seconds or less!!!

WATERLESS FIRE SUPPRESANT: CHEMOURS FM-200 [1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptaflouropropane] FM-200 is a state-of-art fire suppressant gas. It is a clean agent manufactured by DuPont capable of extinguishing fire in less than 10 seconds. It is superior and fast acting compared to CO2 and water mist. In addition, it is non-corrosive & non-conductive thereby excellent for use around electrical…

Fire Safety and BASSCOMM

The equipment installed in telecommunication equipment cabinets can present a significant fire risk.
A reliable Automatic Fire Suppression system can protect your valuable telecommunications equipment against loss.

Automation, Fire & Solar Seminar in Lagos, Nigeria.

BASSCOMM holds her 2nd edition of Automation, Fire & Solar seminar in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. This unique forum will feature: Schneider Electric–  a leading manufacturer in facility management, process solution, power and energy solutions Equipro Worldwide- formed by highly experienced professional executives from the fire industry with deep experience and knowledge of fire…

Highlights of BASSCOMM Automation & Solar Seminar

Leveraging 24 years of experience in the Engineering sector, the steady and unparalleled growth of BASSCOMM has earned her a reputation as one of Nigeria’s leading engineering solutions providers. Automation and Solar Seminar is a closed door event organized by BASSCOMM group, which brought together over 10 companies represented across Nigeria. The unique event featured Fire trace, Schneider Electric and BASSCOMM Energy.  …